For offices with

50-100 Staff

  • Free trial
  • Fairtrade coffee beans
  • Automatic fresh milk machine


  • Automatic fresh milk espresso machine (up to 100 perfect drinks per hour)
  • Automatic textured milk (no frothing required)
  • Compact milk fridge
  • Installation and demonstration
  • All standard coffee beverages available plus choice of chocolate or chai
  • 2 product canisters for 1. Coffee Beans and 2. Chocolate/Chai
  • Plumbed and tanked options
  • Easy cleaning cycle and cleaning products provided
  • Complimentary weekly clean
  • Service and maintenance of the machine
  • Coffee grounds waste collected for recycling into compost



D 455mm, W 612mm (incl fridge), H 610mm


Tanked machine filled from tap OR plumbed mains water connection with 350kPa pressure limiting valve and access to waste water outlet.


2 x 10amp

Machine is carbon offset.

Choose from price per cup or service fee pricing. 

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