A good office coffee machine makes good business sense. Here’s why.

If you’re a coffee drinker you’ll know that easy access to a quality coffee isn’t a ‘nice to have’ it’s a ‘must have’. Of course, we can grab a decent espresso on our way to the office, but what happens when we need a fix during the day? For most coffee lovers, an instant brew won’t cut it and increasingly, businesses are recognising that coffee machines for the workplace make good business sense. That’s because investing in the office coffee experience is an easy way to boost morale, wellbeing and productivity. Here’s why.

Coffee boosts staff performance

The most obvious argument for an office coffee machine upgrade is the boost it gives your staff’s focus and energy levels. You can find out more here on the health benefits of coffee but in short, enjoying a good coffee at work is proven to boost mental clarity, working memory, mood and motivation. The positive effects ripple outwards and with better performance comes better productivity – and that flows right through to your bottom line.

An office coffee machine keeps staff on site

It’s simple – by providing better coffee, employers keep staff onsite instead of losing them to the coffee run. When you think about it, if each coffee drinker in your office nips out in search of caffeine twice a day, the annual cost of a workplace coffee machine is minimal compared to the time and productivity lost. Employers gain hours by having a great coffee machine in the office.

Good coffee makes clients happy

Giving visitors poor quality coffee is not a good look when it comes to clients and customers. Conversely, sipping a hot fresh espresso drink as your meeting starts warms the heart and lifts the spirits. And according to a recent study from Harvard, Yale and MIT, it can even favourably pre-dispose others toward you by positively influencing perception. (We don’t need a scientist to tell us that when it comes to hospitality, small gestures like a delicious coffee go a long way).

A good office coffee machine strengthens workplace

The social aspect of coffee breaks shouldn’t be underestimated. The office coffee machine, like a modern-day water cooler, becomes a point of connection and contributes to the sense of community. It’s a place to foster relationships and chat with others you may not normally interact with. As a way to show employees their needs are being considered, an office coffee machine is a much appreciated addition to your office space and nourishes a more satisfied team.

Sustainable office coffee serves your CSR goals

Investing in a good quality office coffee machine doesn’t have to cost the earth and we don’t just mean financially but it’s impact on the environment too. Coffee pods aren’t sustainable, and not only cost more than fresh beans but the best-tasting espresso rarely comes from plastic-encased pre-ground coffee that’s past the roast date. Our Fairtrade beans are deliciously fresh and sustainable from source to cup and beyond. (Check out our waste management program to see how your used coffee grounds are returned back to the soil).

We’ll find you the best coffee machine for your workplace

A quality cup of coffee demands quality equipment and the right coffee set up to meet everyone’s needs. Whether yours is a small, medium or large office, whether you’d like powered milk, fresh milk, a fully automatic coffee machine or a traditional barista-style, there’s a machine that suits your output, cost, taste, process and maintenance preferences. If you’re not sure where to start, we’d be happy to find it for you, show your staff how to consistently get the best from it, and support you with products and services to keep things running smoothly. Your staff will thank you and you can enjoy all the benefits of a satisfied freshly caffeinated workforce.  

To find out how you could be enjoying your own office coffee machine and quality Fairtrade coffee and tea, phone 1300 870 151. Or book a Sprout coffee free trial online today.