How to make good coffee at work. Check out our five tips to a consistently satisfying brew.

For many of us coffee is the life-blood of productivity and getting through the day without a caffeine hit is enough to make us squirm. We can grab a café takeaway on our way to the office, but what about when we need a top up during the day? The answer, of course, is to make good coffee available at work but how do you create barista-quality in the breakroom? As advocates of great workplace coffee, we thought we’d share 5 tips to make your work coffee experience a consistently pleasant one.

1: Use quality whole beans ground just before brewing

Cheap coffee ground in advance and left open to the elements deteriorates fast. The best tasting office coffee is made from fresh beans ground just before brewing. This is because the grinding process releases aromatics and flavour compounds that deliver the authentic coffee experience. Extra points for beans that are locally roasted and Fairtrade.

2: Ensure consistency of grind and proportion of water-coffee-milk ratio

Over brewed, under brewed, watery, gloopy, bitter… the average cup of office coffee can be less than satisfying. Using an automatic espresso machine that Sprout provides – like the Carimali Ultra – it’s easy to achieve a consistent grind, and ingredient ratio and variables can be adjusted to deliver a flavourful, well-balanced beverage every time.

3: Regularly service and maintain your coffee machine

Thinking about service and maintenance of coffee machines may not be at the top of every office manager’s priority list – which is why it makes sense to outsource to an expert office coffee supplier like Sprout. We set you up with a suitable machine and service and maintenance schedule, taking all the logistics out of your hands so you can relax and enjoy good coffee at work without any hassle.

4: Get the water temperature right

Coffee is 99% water and brewing temperature is key. It should be between 91C and 96C – too hot and the coffee will burn, too cold and it won’t extract properly. Of course, an automatic coffee machine, like those Sprout provide, have electronic controls for precise water temperature and we set that up for you so it’s spot on.

5: Coffee machine cleaning

Office coffee often tastes bad because machines are neglected. Especially at higher volumes, daily or weekly cleaning is required to keep the brew group clean and the coffee tasting great. Or, use a coffee machine with an automatic clean cycle and enjoy regular scheduled cleaning from an office coffee service provider like Sprout.

Level up your office coffee and the entire office will thank you

Making good coffee available at work is a surefire way to keep staff and visitors happy. At Sprout, we offer clients a range of automatic machines that grind fresh beans on demand to give you every delicious espresso variation at the push of a button. We deliver fresh roasted beans to you and schedule regular cleaning and maintenance to suit your needs too. If you’re keen to find out more about the most convenient way to keep your team topped-up and happy with consistently good coffee, talk to us today.